'A mere 40 seconds into this Brazilian/English artist's debut  solo album and you’ll be won over. ****Songlines Magazine.

Since 1997 I've been lead singer 

with 5 different bands, 

releasing 8 albums to critical acclaim.

I've had the pleasure of working with

a glorious array of musicians, writing, recording and performing across the globe.

I am also a visual artist and am hands-on with artwork and videos for my musical projects and my own fine-art projects.


I've loved recording my first Solo Album,

'FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT' just out on Six Degrees Records.

Apart from working in great studios in London and Rio, I have got a studio set up at home that has allowed me to record some songs from scratch, and while-away gratifying hours getting the arrangements just how I want them.

I relished the freedom of master-minding it's content,

co- writing with musicians old and new

calling-in a kaleidoscopic array of talent to studio and stage.


My live band is fluid, rhythmic and without borders,

combining Afro-Brazilian grooves, British eccentricity,

and London's cosmopolitan light and shade.  

I relish performing in new combinations and situations;

my usual band is a 6 piece, nice and groovy full of interlocking

melodies and rhythmic jams.

I also enjoy the focus and intimacy of playing as a duo or trio.




"When we feel powerless, art is the only way to make things happen. By putting our hopes into art, certain realities can come true."

- Nina Miranda, I-D Magazine

My father is Brazilian, and my mother is English, they are both painters.

I was born in Brazil, and moved to London, with my Mother and siblings when I was eight. 


Brazil has been a constant inspiration in my music, but the cosmopolitan city of London where I am based, keeps my music diverse and multi-faceted with an urban edge.

I am grateful for the life- education I received in Brazil, Uk and France and the world-wide perspective that my travels have given me. I believe that my experience as feeling 'an outsider' has had a huge impact on my philosophy. Freedom of expression, curiosity, connection and wonder are key to a life well-lived.

As well as being a musical conduit for the exciting energy of urban life, I like to channel pastoral vibes, watery vistas, midnight jungles and dusty deserts, huge and intimate landscapes of space and sound.

Nina Miranda & Chris Franck-

Photo by Steve Franck.

Nina's music has been used on dance scores, films, TV and advertising worldwide such as Levi’s, Clarks Shoes, CSI Miami, Eastenders, Lipstick Jungle,  Love Hotel and The Divorce, Nip/Tuck, Ghost Perfume.

































Zeep Live at BBC studios for Gilles Peterson Worldwide session


Sweatmouth; -  Was this the first trip-Hop outfit ever?



'Read My Hips' & 'Going The Whole Hog'

on Rhythm and Business 1992


I wrote and sang  laid-back raps in portuguese and english over hip hop beats,

sampled Jazz and Bossa, live acoustic guitar, horns and percussion.

The collective included other singers and rappers.

In Music, Dentro da música.

Childhood memories...

Lying in the living room in our family house if Petrópolis, RJ, Brazil.

A record on the turntable, Carmen Miranda, Noel Rosa, The Beatles, Osibisa, Chuck Berry, The Band, Paulinho da Viola, Billy Holiday, John Coltrane... My father Luiz Aquila, Painting.. and his paintings all around, and my Mother Liz Miranda running around like a nutter, then painting too, painting my father and her dreamscapes, mixing up her memories of England with her new adventures in the jungles of Brazil, her first kiss, her swims with giant fishes..

Watching the dust in the atmosphere dance golden in the shafts of light that came in on the right, would bathe in those patches of sun, the best spot in our dark damp house surrounded by banana trees, and plants with prickles that ooze white sap when cut or pricked, with the tiniest velvety red flowers on top.

Outside our mongrel "Flor" - "Flower" barked ferociously at any postman who dared come near.

Often we would have our parents friends round, with their children if they had any.. most didn't, I'm the middle of three.. we got on with the adults. These adults were so relaxed.. and I loved listening to them talk with the records playing, as I climbed in and out of Dads legs and popped my fingers through his smoke rings while he sat and talked for hours... On these occasions we served Gouda-like cheese (Queijo Prato, plate cheese) cut in cubes and splashed with Worcester sauce (Molho ingles) and served on cocktail/ tooth picks. 

Maybe I'll serve those for my album launch?.. and Caipirinhas!



Abstrata - by Zeep,

Nina films her father talking and painting in and out of Nina's music.

botanical garden

looking up at the banana palms in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro