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Recording my first Solo Album, 'Freedom of Movement'


This was really exciting.

Getting to do it how I wanted to, after all this experience, recording so many albums.

I felt like I was back to the very essence of why, and how I want to make new music,

How I want it to feel and sound.

To effect people positively, to enhance an environment with music.

The same way that weather can.

Inviting magicians of sound to join me, and take the listeners with us.

As well as writing and recording with other musicians, as I always have, I loved getting

a chance to be on the controls myself, recording, editing and mixing some of the songs

from start to finish.

Others I did with some brilliant mixers and producers in their more professional studios.

None of the musicians on my album had ever been recorded by a woman before,

(some of the musicians are over 60 and extremely prolific ).

Now work begins on my second solo album,

with more experience under my belt and the vindication of great reviews for 

'Freedom of Movement'.


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