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Nina produced and directed this film with a superb

cast and crew between April and September 2021 

Joan Armatrading and her fellow judges selected this film to represent her opus; 'Love and affection', for The 1st 'Concord Art Prize',  

Later it was part of the group show at 180 The Strand.

Nina presented the film in at the gallery in an immersive context so the audience could sit an watch it surrounded by elements that were on the screen. Blurring the boundaries between life and fiction, spectator and artist.

At the private view people were treated to a live dance performance by Jamal Sterrett, who left some speechless, some gasping, and others in tears.

Joan Armatrading- Words and Music

Nina Miranda- Art, direction, production, design, co -animation, camera and edit .

Jamal Sterret- All of his dance 

Janiqe Bailey- All of her dance and

some of her camera

Ferris Ferhart- technical expertise with cameras, lighting, editing, special effects.

Clarissa Droz- Extra camera Janique


'Almost Abstract'

Nina films her father Luiz Aquila painting to her musical collaborations and favourites, with Zeep, Domenico Lancellotti and Donald Byrd.

Free flow Soirée

Nina put on ‘Free Flow Soiree’ nights

at Bar Bicicletta at Camden Arts Centre.


Inspired by 'Dada' happenings, Nina invited guest musicians Dj’s, poets, artists , fashion designers to show and tell with me.

The multigenerational soirées proved to be fertile networking nights and new friendship/ romance/ collaboration igniters.

(photos to come)

Que Coisa


In Lisbon Nina Miranda exhibited paintings with Marina Baggio

at Coup Gallery, there she led painting, drawing and singing workshops.

(photos to come)

Nina enjoyed running and devising art workshops for teachers and pupils at Brookfield School’s

‘FAB Arts’  including photography, painting, murals, sculpture, games, and accessories.

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